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  • Emma May

Blast from the Past| D+M at Bellingham Castle

This wedding is from many moons ago but is never far from my memory. It's not very often that I get to meet such a wonderful couple, and be welcomed in as one of the family on the day. Dee and Mark met on a blind date (I's so romantic!) and they both knew they'd found their soul mate. After a beautiful Church ceremony and a stop off at the family home for a few photos, they headed off to Castlebellingham for the reception. There were some lovely personal touches, my favourites being Dees stunning Celtic wedding dress, the rose decorations put together by her Father and the totally awesome rainbow wedding cake!

This day was so full of joy and laughter that it'll always stay fresh in my mind.

A huge thank you to Dee and Mark and their families for having me on such a special day, I hope you're all keeping well and hopefully see you at another family reunion someday!

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