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  • Emma May

M+P | Two Day Micro Dalkey Wedding

This two day wedding was such a guys are in for a treat!

Michelle and Paolo decided to have their wedding shoot with me over two days in September/October of last year. The first day we went for a tour around Dalkey and Killiney to some of their favourite spots and surprised one of their past neighbours with a visit.

Look out for super cute Casper and Mr.Precious.

Then we had their wedding day itself in The Registry Office in Dublin and went for a wander around the canal, the Peruvian Embassy and swan central at Portobello.

Since their families are based mainly in Australia and Italy none of them were able to be there for the ceremony but they were able to view it thanks to the miracle of technology and it was lovely to hear the multilingual cheers from them all at the I do's.

These two were such a pleasure to be around, we had so many laughs and the swan photos still completely crack me up!

They really showed how to make the most of a micro wedding and we got some really amazing photos to prove it 💙

Day Two


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